We are bringing CATs into NFT METAVERSE.


Early Bird Sale sold out in just 7 minutes! 

Pre-Sale is on
January 2nd 2022 9PM UTC

METAVERSE, The name does not need any introduction in crypto space right now, Currently the whole world is going to VR and we have seen many successful projects on the metaverse which made 10k+ Eth traded volume in nft market, Now coming to those Nfts based on cats had a huge popularity among crypto lovers.

So our idea of taking them to the metaverse made us work on this project to get 9,999 hand drawn ultra-realistic avatars. We want to give our community a realistic cat, hence every care has been taken to design them for 100+ days by 9 team members. Probably we are the first team to bring Cats to the Metaverse.

What will be the floor price after the minting is over ?

It is expected that floor price would be around 0.65 to 0.85 eth because we are incentivizing the holders with nft airdrop so in that way we can manage the floor price. And No good project on cats has a floor price less than 2 eth as of now , for example : Cool cats –6.75 eth, Gutter Cat Gang-4.2 eth, etc.

What will be the gas fee ?

We want to bring a change in the gas fees you paid for minting. Our solidity dev team worked relentlessly and brought down the gas fee as minimum as possible. It will be around $35 to $85 , So whatever we are doing here will benefit the community.

Do I get full rights on my nft ?

Absolutely, In of the sum of 0.05 eth & 0.099 eth not including transaction fees, The Metaverse Cool Cats hereby transfers to purchasers full title and all rights and interests without restriction, You will be the sole owner of the nft and it is absolutely 1/1 & Secured on ERC-72 token.

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