Hackers stole 15 monkey NFT tokens worth two million dollars💰


Hackers in a cyberattack stole 15 images of “bored monkeys” in the form of NFT tokens worth $ 2.2 million. It is reported by the British newspaper The Sun.

Token collector Todd Kramer described the night of the digital raid as the worst of his life. The cyberattack took place on December 30 last year. Kramer told the publication that hackers gained access to his cloud blockchain storage, which contained the images, and then transferred them to other accounts. He told about this in his personal Twitter account.

As of January 2, Kramer, with the help of the NFT community, was able to regain access to only two of the 15 lost tokens. The total damage to the owner of the “bored monkeys” from the hacker attack is estimated at approximately $ 2.2 million. Calculating the exact amount is complicated by the high volatility of the tokens themselves on the crypto market.

On December 22 last year, Aguttes sold the world’s first SMS message in the non-fungible token format (NFT) with the text “Merry Christmas” for 132,680 euros at the Aguttes auction. These were the words that Vodafone engineer Neil Papworth sent from his computer on December 3, 1992. The recipient was his colleague Richard Jarvis – he received this SMS on his Orbitel phone.

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